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6 Tips on How to Choose Platforms for Selling Clothes Online

The fashion retail market has never witnessed rapid growth like today. Fashion startups are mushrooming and flourishing from every nook and cranny of the world. Major players in the fashion industry are leveraging this opportunity by shifting to mobile to harness the millennial marketplace who, due to the busy lifestyles and essence of time, want to shop on a fly, when they deem fit. To stay on top of this competitive fashion marketplace and enhance your brand, you need to set up shop online. Although the elegance of your site and great images can supercharge your online clothing sales, there are other aspects you need to consider when choosing an eCommerce platform to sell your clothes online. Let’s look at them:

1 Know the target audience of your online business opportunity

Know the target audience of your online business opportunity
Determine if your target audience puts great emphasis on small details like the specific traits of products, the narrative behind each product, and how the product will benefit them. Are they people who buy in bulk or small quantities? Also, get to know what matters to them with regard to fashion sense. All these aspects will direct you to a platform that offers all those features.

2. The amount of money you can invest in your new online clothing business opportunity

Launching a site includes some upfront costs, including setting up your own store, hosting and maintenance. There are platforms that allow you to set up your own store for free, including hosting services, which means you’ll only need to maintain it. Others require you to pay for all those services. If your budget is small, then you’ll certainly choose an eCommerce platform that offers free set up and hosting. If you have a good enough budget, you can get an expert to set up an elegant store for you and pay for your hosting.

3. Ability to integrate with other systems is key for your online clothing business opportunity

When choosing an eCommerce platform to sell clothes online, ascertain that the platform allows integration of your preferred systems. For example, availability of payment options like PayPal, and credit cards. You may also want to include a mailing list to build a solid customer base and a live chat feature for interactive customer support. Ensure the eCommerce platform you choose has all the systems you want to avoid the possibilities of bad customer experience and lower sales.

4. The amount of stock you intend to include on your platform for selling clothes online


You’ll want an eCommerce platform that can handle your volume and scale. Some eCommerce platforms limit the volume of stock you can handle. That may play against you with regard to your bottom-line. While it’s prudent to start with a small volume, the eCommerce platform you choose should offer a sense of flexibility. This means that you can be able to expand your volume and scale whenever your online clothing business explodes.

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5. The amount of work to inject in the platform for selling clothes online to get it up and running


If you’re a savvy web designer, then you’ll be comfortable choosing a platform (Shopify or BigCommerce) that requires setting up your own store from scratch, tweaking and finessing it to your taste before it goes online. If you lack web design skills, you’re better off choosing platforms that don’t require much work to get it up and running. Examples of such sites include Amazon and eBay. Here, you only need to set up an account, list your items and start selling.

6. Ability to share your clothing design website products on social media

your social media pages to supercharge your sales. Some platforms do not have such features. It would be best not to invest in such sites since they will only limit your earning potential.

We recommend Shopify as a platform to sell clothes online as it makes it easy for you to build your store.

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